Imran vows to end ‘Sharif monarchy’ through Aug 14 march

Imran vows to end ‘Sharif monarchy’ through Aug 14 march

LAHORE, (SANA): Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has vowed to end what he termed as the ‘Sharif family monarchy’ in the country through his party’s ‘Azadi march’ scheduled for August 14. Imran Khan said that the entire country will be shut if he is put under house arrest.

Speaking at a PTI workers convention in Lahore on Sunday, Imran Khan said that the sit-in will not end until a ‘new Pakistan’ is made.

He said there is no real democracy in Pakistan but a monarchy of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Imran Khan warned of shutting down the entire country if attempts were made to put him under house arrest.

“Punjab police and its administration should decide whether they are servants of Sharifs or Pakistan,” Imran Khan snapped, asking, ‘does Nawaz Sharif pay your salaries out of his own pocket?’

He warned that if any worker of his party was tortured, the rulers of Punjab would not find any place to hide.

“The present rulers’ time is up, we will now get fair elections conducted,” he maintained.

Imran Khan said resignations were no big deal, PTI workers were ready to lay down their lives for the cause they had been struggling for.

He said he would hold a press conference in a couple of days and put the lid off on how the general elections of 2013 were rigged.

The PTI Chief said 71 cases were pending in courts against Sharif family and that he is not a businessman who would want to cut a deal with anyone.

He asked the difference between monarchy and democracy and answered himself that in democracy, the head of state is accountable to the people, there is merit in democratic system and taxpayers’ money is not used by the rulers.

“Now you tell me, can the Pakistani nation hold Sharif brothers accountable?” questioned the PTI chief, saying that, “What kind of democracy is this? I challenge you to bring forward any individual I have appointed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government from my family.”

“No change will come, until the leaders in this country are not elected democratically, until they don’t spend taxpayers’ money on the citizens of the state,” he said.

“The time for this fake government is over, we will not rest until re-elections take place,” Imran Khan said to the charged audience.

Imran called on country-wide supporters to march to Islamabad in protests of the government’s alleged rigging of four key constituencies that the PTI chief says were won fraudulently by the PML-N.

The PTI chief alleged that the Sharif family was involved in corruption and blamed them for stealing taxpayers’ money.

“Hyde Park flat of Nawaz Sharif’s son is worth Rs7 billion while Mayfair apartment is of Rs5 billion … where did you get this money from, Mian sahib?” he questioned.

“I am a taxpayer; I am asking you 20 years ago you had nothing. Where did all this money and property come from,” he asked.

Imran Khan urged the party workers to get ready to proceed to Islamabad, saying that there will be 0.1 million motorbikes heading towards Islamabad for participation in the rally.

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