Imposition of Article 245 has no link with protest, sit-in: Nisar

Imposition of Article 245 has no link with protest, sit-in: Nisar

ISLAMABAD, (SANA): Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has categorically stated that the imposition of article 245 in the federal capital has no link with any protest, sit-in, long march or public meeting. He said that the political parties should not present wrong facts before the masses.

Winding up debate in the National Assembly on Tuesday, he said article 245 has been imposed only to combat terrorism. He said it was imposed after consultations in the party, seeking legal opinion and repeated consultations with the armed forces. He said in the past article 245 was imposed for many times without taking the parliament into confidence. He said opposition members’ criticism in this regard has no justification.

He said there are no political purposes of government behind the enforcement of Article 245 in Islamabad. He said article 245 was enforced 24 times in Islamabad from 2007 till date. He said parliament was not taken into confidence regarding the enforcement of article 245. He said if opposition parties think that this article is against the constitution then the government is ready to exclude this article from the constitution with the consultation of opposition parties.

He said army was summoned on the occasion of Lal Masjid operation and on the occasion of lawyers’ long march. He said there is no political purpose of enforcement of article 245. He said that the army wound not be involved in political matters. He said according to constitution only federal government could enforce Article 245 of the constitution in country. He said army is present in Islamabad for the security of seven important places.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said imposition of article is not against the law or the constitution. He said there are instances that army was called in aid of civil administration in Sri Lanka, Britain, Spain, Italy and Latin American countries.

Interior Minister said Islamabad has not been handed over to army by revoking article 245.

Ch. Nisar said it has been clarified in the notification that the army will act under anti-terrorism act. He said the article will provide legal cover to the armed forces. He said the article was imposed to avoid Karachi airport like terrorist incidents. He said it is the responsibility of the government and the institutions to take pre-emptive measures to avoid terrorist activities.

Interior Minister said the army has already been deployed at strategic places in the federal capital. He said jurisdiction of High Court has not been ended. The article will become operational when the armed forces will react against any untoward incident.

The Minister said the objective of imposition of article 245 is to provide protection to the people and it is not against any political process. He said army will be requisitioned wherever needed. He said army was called during last Moharram in all the four provinces to maintain law and order on the requests of provincial governments under article 245.

He made it clear that government will not involve the armed forces in political matters before, on or after14th of August. He said there is no need of political point scoring on the matter. He stressed the need for whole heartedly supporting the armed forces that is waging a war against terrorism.

The Minister said 14th of August is a national day and efforts should not be made to divide the nation on this occasion. He said the government would welcome any suggestion to resolve the problems.

Responding to Khursheed Shah’s label of Article 245 as mini-martial law, Chaudhry Nisar during a National Assembly session said that Islamabad has not been handed over to the army.

Chaudhry Nisar stated that if the opposition parties demand then Article 245 can entirely be excluded from the constitution. He said that those criticizing the government must not overlook the facts. We have already stated that the article has nothing to do with politics, he argued. He claimed that Article 245 has been used for political objectives in the past and has been enforced 24 times from 2007 till date.

We have been warned of terrorist activities by the intelligence agencies but we don’t want to create panic among the people, said Nisar.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said imposition of article is not against the law or the constitution. He said it is awful that some people are taking to take law in hands. The House will now meet today (Wednesday) at 10.30.

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