If rulers of Muslim countries don’t act now, they will meet same fate of Palestinians: Geelani

If rulers of Muslim countries don’t act now, they will meet same fate of Palestinians: Geelani

SRINAGAR, (SANA): While expressing deep grief and shock over the killing 150 and injuring 400 citizens of Gaza in the fresh bombings of Israel, chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani said that if the rulers of the Muslim countries doesn’t act now, they will meet the same fate of Palestine and God forbid in near future their countries will also encounter with the same situation of Gaza.

While terming the approval of 225 million US dollars by the USA for the defiance purpose of Israel, as openly supporting the state terrorism of Israel, he said that America have come nakedly in support of terrorism and its financial aid for Israel at this occasion is equal
to starting a full-fledged war against the whole Muslim community.

In a statement issued to press, Geelani sahib said that Israel is a
terrorist country and supporting such a country have proven America
too a terrorist state and this attitude of America have proven all the
slogans of western democracy, civilization and human rights a bundle
of lies. It is “Jungle Raj” which is determined by the power and
force. Geelani sahib also termed the attitude of Indian government
regarding the situation in Gaza as criminal and sorrowful and said
that the criminal mind of Jews and Hindus against the Muslims have
openly come to fore and the matter of strategic partnership between
India and Israel have also been proven.

The pro-freedom leader said that India is not only happy over the bloodshed of Palestinian people but she had itself started to implement the Israeli type of agenda in Kashmir. The governments of both the countries want to eliminate the Muslims in the world and for this they can go to any extent. Geelani once again criticized the role of the organization of Muslim countries (OIC) and Arab League and said that the existence of both these institutions has become a meaningless joke and their status is negligible. Most of the Muslim countries are ruled by the puppets of America and they all are only concerned with their chairs. They have no concern with the bloodshed of Muslims and they are in the misunderstanding that the Israel and America will spare them.

Geelani however cautioned that the luxurious rulers of the Muslim
countries will in near future taste the anger of their own people and
they will be held accountable for the every drop of blood of the
innocent children, women and old age people of Gaza. The pro-Islamic
leader of Kashmir expressed his hope that may the present situation of
Muslim Ummah prove as a beginning of their bright future and may this mass destruction prove as the alarm for their awakening.

Geelani appealed the Immams of the Masjids and Islamic Scholars to pray for the subjugated people of Palestine in all the five time prayers of the day and aware the people about the grave situation of the Gaza and ask them to be united against the enemies. He further said that the situation in Gaza is the live lesson for the people who are dividing
the Ummah in different groups and sects and who are propagating hatred against each other. If they have a little bit of wisdom in them, then they should understand that in Palestine, Israel is killing every
Muslim irrespective of Shia or Sunni, Salifi or Hanifi.


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May 2021