Modi accepts invitation of Pakistani visit but no date fixed: Sajatha Singh

Modi accepts invitation of Pakistani visit but no date fixed: Sajatha Singh

NEW DELHI, (SANA): Indian Foreign Secretary Sajatha Singh has said that Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi raised the issue of terrorism with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. She said Modi asked Nawaz to expedite trial of Mumbai terror attack culprits. She said Modi asked Nawaz to abide by the agreement that Pakistani territory and territory under its control would not be used against India. She said Moid has accepted invitation of Pakistani visit extended by Nawaz Sharif but no date has been fixed that whether Modi will visit Pakistan after one month or one year.

After meetings of the Indian Prime Minister with leaders of the SAARC countries and Mauritius including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Indian Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh told newsmen that the two leaders agreed that foreign secretaries will remain in touch and explore how to move forward on bilateral front.

She said both PMs agreed that foreign secretaries of both countries would remain in touch to move forward the process of dialogues. She said India wants to maintain good relations with Pakistan but for this the terrorism issued should have to be addressed. Replying a question she said everyone knows Indian stance on Jammu Kashmir and there is no need of repeating it. She said Narender Modi has accepted the invitation of Bangladesh visit extended by Bangladeshi speaker on behalf of Sheikh Hasina Wajid.

She quoted Indian Prime Minister as saying that the two countries would move immediately towards full trade normalization on the basis of the September 2012 road map.

Narendra Modi expressed the hope that Pakistan-India relations would progress in economic, cultural and political fields.

The Indian Foreign Secretary said the issue of terrorism also came under discussions. Modi raised the issue of Mumbai attack, asking Pakistan to ensure speedy progress in the case and conviction of those responsible.

She said the Indian PM had substantive meetings with all the eight leaders. The leaders of SAARC and Mauritius expressed appreciation of Modi’s gesture in inviting them to the oath-taking ceremony. Meetings were held in friendly and constructive atmosphere.

She said from Indian point of view a strong and promising beginning has been made at the start of the new Government in New Delhi.

“All SAARC leaders invited the Indian PM to visit. He accepted. The dates have to be worked out,” Singh said.

According to the Indian foreign secretary, Modi also underlined his desire to improve commercial ties between the countries, a focus of efforts under the previous government.

“There was discussion on trade and we noted that we were fully ready to fully normalise trade and economic relations. Both prime ministers expressed their interest in having this done as early as possible,” Singh said.

She said that both the leaders also talked about enhancing bilateral trade ties between the two countries and agreed to move forward according to 2012 framework agreed by both nations. She said that the meeting of both prime ministers was positive and constructive.
She said that the meetings of Modi with eight leaders of Saarc countries remained fruitful and positive. She said strong Afghanistan is vital for the sovereignty of the region. She said India wants to further strengthen its relations with Afghanistan.

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